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When Women Lost Their Tails

When Women Lost Their Tails

Also known as: Quando le donne persero la coda; Quando as Mulheres Perderam o Rabo; Quand les femmes perdirent leur queue; Na pos ehasan oi gynaikes tin oura tous!; Cuando las mujeres perdieron sus colas; When Women Lost Their Tails; Toll trieben es die alten Germanen

Year: 1972

Genres: Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi

Countries: Italy,West Germany

Rating: 4.2

Cast: Senta Berger; Frank Wolff; Mario Adorf; Fiammetta Baralla; Lando Buzzanca; Renzo Montagnani; Francesco Mulé; Aldo Puglisi; Lino Toffolo

Storyline: Filli (Senta Berger) and the other cavemen from “When Women Had Tails” are living a carefree, if boring life inside a dinosaur skeleton. But when conman Ham (Lando Buzzanca) introduces them to the concept of currency and economics, their lives fall apart. On top of that, Filli starts to fall in love with Ham…

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