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Also known as: Uncaged; Vice Zone; Angel in Red – Blutspur auf dem Sunset Strip; Sin piedad; Punainen enkeli; Pyrovolismos stin kardia; Πυροβολισμός στην καρδιά; Angyalok vörösben; Angel in Red

Year: 1991

Genres: Thriller

Countries: USA

Rating: 4.8

Cast: Leslie Bega; Jeffrey Dean Morgan; Pamella D’Pella; Gregory Millar; Henry Brown; Jason Oliver; Elena Sahagun; Sheila Scott-Wilkenson; Chelsea Madison-Ciu; Wendy J. Cooke; Joe Garcia; David Labiosa; Odette Springer; Bob Farnham; Timothy Charles

Storyline: Miki and her younger brother Robby flee their destructive home and find themselves in the towering metropolis, Los Angeles. There, they meet Sharkey, a pimp. Miki becomes infatuated with Sharkey and starts to work for him. Miki finds herself trapped in Sharkey’s dominating world and must find a way to escape the nightmare.

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