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The Upper Hand

The Upper Hand

Also known as: Du rififi à Paname; Rififi in Panama; Уреждане на сметки в Париж; Crime no Asfalto; Der Boß von Paris; Slagsmål i Paris; Punainen kabinetti; Rififi in Paris; Rififi sto Parisi; Egy kis bunyó Párizsban; Rififi internazionale; Minagoroshi no barâdo; Póker de asesinos; Høyt spill i Paris; Rififi w Panamie; Rififi em Paris; Rififi i Paris; The Upper Hand; Rififi in Paris; Rififi u Panami

Year: 1966

Genres: Crime,Drama

Countries: France,Italy,West Germany

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Jean Gabin; Gert Fröbe; George Raft; Nadja Tiller; Marcel Bozzuffi; Mireille Darc; Claude Brasseur; Daniel Ceccaldi; Jean-Claude Bercq; Dany Dauberson; Yves Barsacq; Claude Cerval; Philippe Clair; Carlo Nell; Christa Lang

Storyline: In Paris, a gold smuggler is at war with other local gangsters who want piece of the action. Then the mob shows up and makes things worse. Also, an undercover US Treasury Department agent is trying to infiltrate the smuggler’s business.

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