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The Fire

The Fire

Also known as: Η πυρκαγιά; The Fire; The Fire; The Fire

Year: 2015

Genres: Drama

Countries: Argentina

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Pilar Gamboa; Juan Barberini

Storyline: Lucía and Marcelo are thirty years old. They are carrying a hundred thousand dollars in cash to pay for their new house. But something comes up for the real estate agent and the signing of the papers is postponed. Tense and filled with frustration, they head back to their old apartment and put the money away in a safe place. Marcelo says to her: “Relax, today’s just another day”. Throughout the 24 hours of wait, the true nature of the love between Lucía and Marcelo unveils, as well as the crisis they are in and the violence within themselves. The film narrates these 24 hours of unbearable tension.

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