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Marisol rumbo a Río

Marisol rumbo a Río

Also known as: Marisol no Rio; Marisol Road to Rio

Year: 1963

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Spain

Rating: 5.8

Cast: Marisol; Isabel Garcés; José Marco Davó; Gisia Paradís; Fernando Cebrián; George Rigaud; José Thelman; José Orjas; Laly Soldevila; Adrián Ortega; Delia Luna; Luis Induni; Josefina Serratosa; José María Caffarel; Rafaela Aparicio

Storyline: Marisol and Mariluz are twin sisters. They live separated, Mariluz with their uncle in Rio de Janeiro, and Marisol with their mother, in Madrid. Marisol’s mother has desperately tried to get money to go to Brasil and meet Mariluz, and so she and the girl have worked in all kinds of places, but they never get enough money until one day Marisol’s mother decides to sell everything to get the money and go to Brasil to reunite the family. Once there they discover that Mariluz’s governess and her lover have devised a plan to get the money from the twins’ uncle, a plan that is in terrible danger now that the spaniards have arrived to Brasil, forcing them to start thinking to get them out of the way…

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