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Life Around Us

Life Around Us

Also known as: Em Redor da Vida; Life Around Us

Year: 1959

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Spain

Rating: 7.2

Cast: Analía Gadé; Fernando Fernán Gómez; Manolo Morán; Carmen de Lirio; Xan das Bolas; Antonio García Quijada; Félix de Pomés; Félix Fernández; Carola Fernán Gómez; Carmen López Lagar; Manuel de Juan; Francisco Camoiras; Rafaela Aparicio; Antonio Queipo; Joaquín Roa

Storyline: Josefina and Antonio have reached a delicate economic balance after their marriage. His salary of attorney and her wages from the hospital allowing them to survive and fantasize about some whim. But the situation will be more complicated since Josephine is expecting a child. Anticipating the debacle that can mean having a “child who eats everything, even food,” Josefina imparts to the baby, still in her womb, higher education courses in order to save some money in schools. Meanwhile, Antonio enters the underworld looking for customers to offer their services as a lawyer.

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