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Las cosas como son

Las cosas como son

Also known as: Jest jak jest

Year: 2012

Genres: Drama

Countries: Chile

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Cristóbal Palma; Ragni Orsal Skogsrod; Isaac Arriagada; Will Danger-Porter; Ellen Hebden; Sally Kitchener; Simon Porter

Storyline: Jerónimo is an antisocial person who rents rooms to foreign people, and then registers their belongings. Sanna, a beautiful and funny Nordic girl arrives at Jerónimo’s house, bringing a breath of fresh air to his life. He becomes obsessed with her, and starts giving her gifts, to the point that they start some kind of ‘relationship’. After this, Jerónimo will find that this girl hides something in his own house, waking up his worst fears.

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