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Inanimate Objects

Inanimate Objects

Year: 2009

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Australia

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Lesley Baker; Josephine Croft; Jim Daly; Tracy Flanigan; Daniel Fletcher; Andrew Mains; Monty Maizels; Anne Phelan; Natalia Starzynski; Suzy Withers; Joyce Yuen

Storyline: Inanimate Objects. Everyone has trouble with them. They grab, fall, pinch, tug, trip, scratch, bruise and kill. Bill Patterson’s a twenty-something country boy whose every move is challenged by them. Itching to find a life beyond his Grandfather’s chicken farm, he makes a regular pilgrimage to the small country town of Pooguna in search of work and women. Skye is one such woman. At five-foot nothing, she has recently opened a curio shop in Pooguna. They meet briefly in a powerful encounter before going separate ways. Bill and Skye might prove to be soul mates but the duties of an average day paired with the ‘malice of inanimate objects’ conspire to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Bill prepares himself physically and mentally for the engagement that he hopes may lead to his future vocation. But what he doesn’t anticipate is that the job requires him to become an inanimate object.

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