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Frenchman’s Farm

Frenchman's Farm

Also known as: La granja del francés; Sta vimata tou thanatou; Francuska farma

Year: 1987

Genres: Drama,Horror,Mystery

Countries: Australia

Rating: 5.0

Cast: Tracey Tainsh; David Reyne; Norman Kaye; John Meillon; Ray Barrett; Phil Brock; Andrew Blackman; Andrew Johnston; Errol O’Neill; Penny Jones; Gennifer Flowers; Kym Lynch; Ian Leigh-Cooper; Lynne Schofield; Rod Warren

Storyline: An Australian woman’s car breaks down in the country, and when she goes to get help, she’s whisked back in time to 1944 and witnesses a murder. Returning to her car, time reverts to normal, but unable to convince anyone of her story, she investigates the crime herself.

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