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Also known as: Non credo più all’amore (La paura); Angst; Angoisse; Angst; Страх; O Medo; Angst; La por; Non credo più all’amore (La paura) (Ya no creo en el amor); Ya no creo en el amor; Uskottomuus; La peur; Shishi; O fovos; A félelem; Nem hiszek én a szerelemben; La paura; La paura – Non credo più all’amore; Angst; Strach; O Medo; Otrohet; Korku; Fear; Angst

Year: 1954

Genres: Drama

Countries: West Germany,Italy

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Ingrid Bergman; Mathias Wieman; Renate Mannhardt; Kurt Kreuger; Elise Aulinger; Edith Schultze-Westrum; Steffi Stroux; Annelore Wied

Storyline: Irene Wagner, the wife of prominent scientist Albert Wagner, finds herself blackmailed about her affair by her lover’s jealous ex-girlfriend. The plot, an experiment in causing fear, drives her into a rage.

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