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Cuarteto de La Habana

Cuarteto de La Habana

Also known as: Havana Quartet

Year: 1999

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Spain

Rating: 5.8

Cast: Ernesto Alterio; Mirta Ibarra; Javier Cámara; Laura Ramos; Daisy Granados; María Esteve; Mónica Cano; David Calzado; Javier Gurruchaga; Pilar Castro; José María Sacristán; Ana María Ventura; Lola Lemos; Javier Sandoval; Aurora Basnuevo

Storyline: Walter, an aspiring musician from Madrid, has a lot of troubles. After finding a videotape, he learns something which will alter his whole life, and put his Madrid problems on hold. In the tape, a Cuban woman confesses to being his mother. She is waiting for him in Havana. Walter goes to Havana to see his mother. There, the plot thickens with the addition of the mother’s daughter, and a Spanish airline crew member, who round out the quartet.

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