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Braca po materi

Braca po materi

Also known as: Maternal Halfbrothers; Féltestvérek; Braća po materi

Year: 1988

Genres: Drama

Countries: Yugoslavia

Rating: 7.9

Cast: Zarko Lausevic; Slavko Stimac; Mira Furlan; Sonja Savic; Petar Bozovic; Dragomir Cumic; Slobodan ‘Boda’ Ninkovic; Olivera Markovic; Vojislav ‘Voja’ Brajovic; Irfan Mensur; Dragan Bjelogrlic; Bogdan Diklic; Vesna Trivalic; Zvonko Lepetic; Dusan Janicijevic

Storyline: This story about two maternal half-brothers, a Croat and a Serb. Although they never met, and both lose their loved ones in ethnic clashes, there is a bond between them. Filmed in 1988, “Braca po materi” prophetically forsees the war that would engulf former Yugoslavia three years later.

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