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Bingo Bongo

Bingo Bongo

Also known as: Бинго Бонго; Bingo Bongo; Bingo Bongo; Bingo Bongo; Бинго Бонго; Bingo Bongo

Year: 1982

Genres: Comedy,Family

Countries: Italy,West Germany

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Adriano Celentano; Carole Bouquet; Felice Andreasi; Enzo Robutti; Walter D’Amore; Roberto Marelli; Alfio Patané; Elizabeth Cobben; Maurizio Tabani; Mario Barilla; Guido Spadea; Andrea Montuschi

Storyline: A monkey like man found in the jungles of Congo is brought to Milan, Italy and is called Bingo Bongo. Only Laura, an anthropologist, believes in his human qualities.

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